Keye Katcher is a Singer|Songwriter who is constantly changing, just like his birthplace Berlin. Development is what drives and inspires Keye. This is noticeable both visually and acoustically.
Already during his long time as a member of an accordion orchestra, he made his vocal performances to special moments of the shows and worked out big pop and soul titles.

His professional singing career started with his participation on the TV show “The Voice of Germany” in 2012. At the young age of 21 he made it to the live shows.
The opinion of his coaches: “There is no one else in the competition who can defy the show he puts on.”
In 2020 Keye will release his debut single ‘INFECTED’ that comes with a very special music video.

His main subject is duality and means: There is no masculinity without femininity, no love without pain, no development without bravery. Keye likes to move in gray areas, because here he can make his own world colorful. He expresses that both through his androgynous style, as well as in his songs.

For him duality also means that there are dark sides to every beautiful story. He reflects on both the bright and dark sides in his songs in connection with his three great loves in life: romantic love, love for people and the love of life and yourself. Especially in melancholic songs, there is always a solution that can and should motivate.

“Its is more important than ever to motivate people not to give up and to think positively. Above all, I want to inspire to passionately be yourself. “

Keye Katcher wants to create something by being strong-voiced, visible and and sensible: a hideway that encourages and heartens dreams. Which is exactly what music was and always will be for him.


Keye has been singing for years at the most diverse national and international stages and events. Starting in Berlin clubs (The Grand, The Pearl) to open-airs (Cologne Pride 2017) with acoustic and digital accompaniment, he also performs at galas with live bands (German Fragrance Awards 2013) and in theaters (Deutsches Theater 2014, Wintergarten Varieté 2019).
Keye always gives his multi-facetted repertoire its very own touch. From soulful ballads to energetic classics, his performance always encourages the audience to sing and dance along, but above all, to feel something and be moved.